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    *** This email is important,as it contains information regarding changes to the W H Barley Online Portal ***

    Please note that we are in the process of changing our Traffic System. On the 2nd May 2017 you will need to login to a new website address to use our Online Portal, this requires new User Names and Passwords.

    • If your company does not use this facility, either for inputting consignments or downloading PODs, please respond to advise me of this.
    • If you do not have access and would like to use the Online Portal, please email your response to advise me of this.
    • If your company uses the Online Portal, but you do not use it personally, please advise the correct contact within your organisation, and include their email address so that I can contact them about this.
    • If you personally use the Online Portal, please email me to confirm this and I will ensure that I send the instructions to you.
    • If there are other members of staff who use / would like to use the Online Portal, and you would like them to have a separate Login and Password, please let me know their name and email address. We can now set up individual users if required

    Please email me as soon as possible to confirm the following information for all members of staff who will require access to the W H Barley Online Portal


    1. User Name
    2. User Email Address

    If you wish to continue with a single user name and password that can be used by your whole company, please also confirm this and we will only set the portal up with a single user. Once I have received your response and set up the user(s) within your organisation, I will then email you to confirm the new Website, Login and Password for each users will be sent to their individual email addresses.

    Please note that we need to set up new User Names and Passwords for all customers who use this facility. This can only happen once we have received a response from your company.

    The current W H Barley Online Portal will be switched off on Monday 1st May so your urgent attention to this would be appreciated.

    Thank you for your business, if you have any queries at this stage please contact me directly.

    Kind regards


    01908 227222