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    Fuel Surcharges Explained

    Fuel remains the single greatest influence on the cost of transport in the UK today.

    With global events playing a significant part on supply, and the consequent cost, W H Barley constantly monitor the marketplace to ensure any surcharges in place are in keeping with its own cost-base.

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    The price of oil has been volatile over the past few years, with significant increases followed by a rapid fall towards the end of 2014. This has meant uncertainty for our business and the transport industry in general.

    We will never endeavour to profit from fuel surcharges, but must – from time to time – impose them to safeguard the future of our business and those of our loyal customers.

    With regard to the tax element of fuel prices the RHA continues to lobby Parliament over proposed increases in fuel duty, and our Chairman, Peter Barber, who is also the National Chairman of the RHA is very much involved in this.

    FairfuelUK is also leading the fight against proposed increases in fuel duty, which affects us all. When fuel duty increases this means that the cost of delivery increases, and this inevitably filters through to the price of goods. You can support their efforts by visiting